60 second market analysis on simple price action, 4 winning trades!

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Sometimes, we make trading complicated, when in fact, it’s not, it’s actually simple as I realized.

Take a look at the screenshot below…

This is the result of pure simple price action without needing hundreds of sophisticated (lagging) indicators on your chart!

So here’s the strategy that resulted in 4 profitable trades…

  1. I first looked at the overall trend for Gold (XAU/USD) for the day, early morning, Syndey/Tokyo session, which took about a minute.
  2. The trend was moving up, I then placed my first buy trade going with the trend
  3. I then kept on stacking on top of my positive trades, by then I had 4 winning trades.

That’s it, that’s the strategy, simple.

To sum it up, I looked at the overall trend for the day for the asset, then placed the trades with the trend.

Now, I’m not saying it’s going to turn out every day like this, but today it did.

The key thing with any strategy is that, it gives us more winning days than losing days, and that’s how we can win overall.

Also, let me remind ourselves, that the trend is your friend:-)