Do you just want the fish or do you want to learn how to fish?

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Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

This is a quote, of which the origin is unknown, however, if you understand it, then you know the powerful lesson we can learn from this.

It’s about investing in your EDUCATION, KNOWLEDGE and TRAINING in whatever profession or trade you’re in.

You can take shortcuts and short-term solutions, but the only thing is they are short-lived.

Let’s take trading for example, for years, I kept relying on trading signals from various telegram groups, which gave out buy and sell signals.

The problem here is though, I had to keep depending on them every day.

But the worst thing is, these signals were so bad in terms risk reward ratio.

For example, on a trade signal, the risk-reward will be 3:1. So for every $3 risk, I can only gain $1!

Instead, it should’ve been the other way around, risk should be lower and reward should be higher!

I realised this and had the “ah ha” moment, only when I started educating myself on the fundamentals and good practices of trading.

Another big reason, why you need to learn and educate yourself properly is that once you learn the skill of profitable trading,

then you no longer need to rely on anyone or any third party.

Because you now know “how to fish”, and you can fish whenever and not wait for someone to give you fish!

So the key takeaway is that we must learn and keep on learning for life to become a master of what we do.

This way, we create our own economy and success that is sustainable, scaleable and has longevity.