I think I’m going all in on price action trading

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Take a look at the screenshot below…

This is it for me, I think I’m going all in on Price action trading. Look at the results, it freakin works amazingly!

It’s just simple price action, I just look for the trend on the day, and then I just go in and jump on the trend.

If I could use an analogy, think of a trend like a moving train, it will go in one direction at a time.

Once it’s on its way up or down, you jump on the train and ride the trend.

I don’t know why I make trading complicated when it’s not. There’s no need for hundreds of indicators on your chart “indicating” you to do this and that.

You can keep your trading simple and “organic” and still make money. That’s what I love about price-action trading.

By the way, for transparency, the above results are from a demo account, as I was just testing this strategy on a demo account.

But I did exactly the same strategy on my live account the day before and had some “substantial” success in terms of percentage gains.

For example, I tested it on a £4 blown account, revived it and doubled it to £8 using the exact same strategy:-)

That’s like a 100% gain! What if I applied the same strategy on a £50K account, that would of course turn to $100K!

but unfortunately in my case, I must be resourceful and “play the hand that I’ve been dealt with:-)

I plan to continue growing this account slowly. yes, it’s possible, trust me:-)

Maybe I’ll write an update post in future on this if it’s worth writing about.  We’ll see.