If you don’t want to work until you die!

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Warren Buffet, one of the greatest Investors of our time said that “if you don’t find a way to make money in your sleep then you will work until you die!” 

What we can learn from this thought-provoking quote is that it’s important to build additional passive income streams in addition to your job or profession. 

This is because when you’re working in a job, you’re trading your time for money which is referred to as “active” income.

So, if you stop working, so does your income. 

Whereas passive income is when you generate income that isn’t directly based on trading the time you put in, like a job or business. 

Examples of passive income include income from rental properties, and dividends from investments. 

So, the key takeaway is to build additional, passive income streams  

Once you have multiple passive income streams in motion, even when you stop working, you’ll be glad that you have some financial security as your passive income streams can potentially continue to generate income, even in your sleep:-).