The £20-£50K forex challenge – Relaunch!

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Back in May 2023 I started a new £20-£50K forex challenge, in which I aim to turn £20 into £50K!

However, I stopped it after a few trades as I wasn’t happy with the strategy I was using at the time.

After 3 months, today, I’m relaunching the challenge!

This time, I think I have a decent strategy to start with.

But it comes at a cost. This time round I will be starting with a premium paid indicator called Ez Algo. 

It’s an indicator based on price action concepts, which aligns with my style of trading as I prefer price action-related strategies.

The backtesting results also looked positive.

Plus I’ve made some adjustments to the original rules and guidelines so that I can maximise my chances of success.

I aim to relaunch the £50K challenge at 11pm GMt+1 , today, 25-09-23

If you’re interested in learning more about the challenge and even want to participate for free, then click here to learn more.