Why I prefer crypto and forex over stock market for cash flow income

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In recent years, there’s been a surge of “us” retail traders getting into the financial markets with the aim to earn some extra income and even full-time income.

There are 3 popular markets that retail traders typically get into, Forex, Stocks, and Crypto.

The stock market is great and has historically provided positive returns on investments generally.

For example, in the last 30 years, according to Google results, the US stock market resulted in an average 7.3% return (adjusted for inflation) annually.

That’s really good, compared to keeping your money in a savings account in the bank, which would’ve reduced in value during the same period due to inflation.

Yes, you’ll still have that same money amount in your savings, but you’re purchasing power with the same money will be less than what it was before.

For example, I’m in my 40’s, and I can remember “back in the day” For £1 I could buy a few snack items from a convenience store. In 2023, those items will be “fewer”!

Now coming back to the main topic and the stock market, as a retail trader, if you haven’t got a large amount of capital to invest, the returns could be lower, particularly if you’re looking at potential short-term profits and cash flow income.

I’d rather have the opportunity to generate cash flow income in the short term and also invest for the long term, which is where the stock market can be perfect.

Not only that, I think, having some sort of ongoing cash flow income generation method can fuel your long-term wealth-building strategies because you will have more capital to invest, providing you’re making money with your cash flow ventures.

That is one big reason why myself and many others are turning to Forex and Crypto trading, because you can potentially generate cash flow income, even starting with small amounts of investment capital.

For example, with Forex and Crypto, you can start with less than $100 and potentially generate daily returns!

You can start small, and grow your account to a substantial balance, from which you earn a decent cash flow income.

And many people have done it successfully.

I’m also on my journey to growing small accounts in Forex and Crypto.

Now, having said all that, let me put a disclaimer out, I’m not a financial advisor or anything like that, and I’m not saying in any way, trading in forex or crypto is a  get-rich-quick method and guaranteed, because it’s not, but the potential is there if you’re willing to educate yourself on how to trade and take massive action.