Zignaly – A “legit”, established crypto passive income platform worth considering

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Earning active income is great, ie a job, a business, etc, but comparing that with earning from a passive income investment, is just so satisfying and amazing.

There’s no other income that beats passive income as you can literally make money in your sleep!

My long-term vision for wealth building is to build multiple streams of passive income.

This way I can remove myself from the process of active income generation and let my passive income streams take over the process.

With that said, one particular opportunity I’m looking into right now is a crypto investment platform, called Zignaly.

Zignaly is an online social investment platform that connects investors with fund managers who trade the Crypto Markets.

Investors with small and large budgets can log on to the platform and almost instantly invest in various fund managers’ investment opportunities, who trade the crypto markets with the aim of returning a profit for the investors.

The company is also not new, as they have been in existence since 2018, and from what I can see in their company timeline on thier webste, they appear to be growing and adding features and services to improve the company.

As part of my due diligence, I also checked for reviews online, and trust pilot in particular, on which Zignaly had 4 star rating so far.

What appealed to me is that it’s a 100% passive investment opportunity, where you can start a potentially passive income stream, literally within minutes!

In addition, you can start with very low investment capital, even as little as $100!

The Zignaly online app is very user-friendly and provides a seamless, simple way to invest, without knowing much about the Crypto markets.

Here’s a screenshot of a section of the website…

As you can, in just 3 steps you can start investing with Zignaly.

Step 1, you browse and search for a “Pro Trader” that you want to invest with. For each trader, there’s a profile with information about the Trader, their track history, current performance (ie ROI) etc.

Step 2, You then need to deposit some funds to invest.

Step 3, Invest, with a few clicks of a button, you then invest in the trader of your choice.

3 steps and that’s it, you just sit back and let the Traders do the work of aiming to bring you a profit from your investment.

The 3 step process should take no more than 10 minutes, according to Zignaly, which is quite impressive.

I’m going to test the waters on this opportunity, I have deposited just 10 BUSD (equivalent to $10 usd) ­čÖé

I’m going to invest in a trader and monitor the performance and probably come back with an update post.

Click here to check out Zignaly if you want to learn more and perhaps try it out, even with a very low-risk capital.